Welcome to “Marriage ☆ Natuk Dictionary”! Marriage Flow is offered at “Marriage ☆ Natuk Dictionary”. We introduce the flow from marriage reporting to parents to the day of wedding ceremony based on their own experiences divided into contents according to their contents. Please take a look slowly.

Although we will spend a lot of time preparing for the wedding ceremony, we have come to fumble ourselves.
I wish I could spend more time effectively. I made this site to help some people even with regards to their marrying.
I am glad if you think this is helpful!
Anticipate that your wedding will be a joyful and memorable one.

Although there are many things to prepare, everything will be since ithis takes place once in a lifetime. I want people not to regret without any reason on the day of their marriage, otherwise wedding will not be something unforgettable.
It’s disappointing if I will not have a time to do this for you.
While I am preparing, please slowly advance with a little extra time to be prepared as well, especially if I have other’s concern to attend to. Some people will be contented if they will proceed with their wedding and end it joyfully.