Kanpa is a ceremony that pays the items for connecting the edges of the two families and the items prepared for the wedding.
Etymology is “tied”, that is, alcoholic drink that connects the two families.
Specifically, we exchanged payment and delivery goods at both houses, promising a long lasting relationship.

At that time, we will decide the date of wedding ceremony etc. and prepare for it.
First of all, let’s listen to the hope and ideals of the parents of both families and ask them whether they are a congregation or a dinner party.

Next, decide the date. Avoid Buddhism and it is best to choose the day of Da’an if possible.
For the selection of the venue, if you are hoping for proper delivery, you will find
plenty of restaurants, hotels, wedding venues that are often used for the delivery.

We used a restaurant, but we decided to have a dinner party so as not to be stiff.

I do not want to be stiff! Let ‘s have a meal party such as a restaurant.

I will decide cooking as well. I like Japanese food that I can eat with chopsticks without strain.
If you are going to do it at home, do not forget to buy cherry blossoms and Japanese sweets.