Let’s decide the bouquet next after the dress is decided.
There are many kinds of bouquet. Choose a bouquet according to your dress.

People who want to make themselves prepared, have a good meeting with the person in the flower shop.
Please note that some flowers may not be available depending on the season.
Let’s see about the type of bouquet.

Round bouquet.As the name suggests, it is a small gathering of small flowers in small spheres. It is perfect for a cute image dress . You can enjoy color coordinates using various flowers.

Clutch bouquet. The stems of the flower are put up in a shape of a natural bouquet. It is a natural image so it goes well with slim dresses. Depending on the season, it is likely to attract attention even if bundling tree nuts etc.

Cascade bouquet. Falls falling falls like a waterfall . It is spectacular and high-quality bouquet. It would be nice to match with a dress with a volume . There are many other types, but let’s clarify the image and budget that you own when ordering. Also, at the time of order, it is easy to clarify the image when bringing a photo in the dress. <A I = 17> If you want to keep the bouquet as memories of the wedding, you can use art flower (artificial flower). Recent art flower is so beautiful that processing is finely mistaken as genuine. Even if you use it for bouquet or something, people may get pleased because it does not wither.

Features and introduction of each bouquet
Round bouquet
Cascade bouquet
Clutch bouquet
Crescent bouquet
Melia bouquet
Back bouquet
Ball Bouquet