The most important thing in the direction of a wedding ceremony is to imagine what kind of wedding ceremony or wedding reception they would like to have. Let ‘s decide the flow and theme from the wedding ceremony to the reception, and let’ s give you one thing you would like to produce in that.
First of all, it is a wedding ceremony, but there are productions and optional productions included in the wedding plan.

Let’s check well at the wedding ceremony.
Production of church ceremonies includes bouquetos, flower shower, balloon release, choir and gospel, live performances of pipe organ.
There are things such as gagaku playing and shrine maiden ‘s dance production of the Shinto ceremony.
Since it is the scene which remains the most impressive in any case, let’s chose a lot so that there is no survival after discussing well.
For the directing of the reception, let’s choose something that all the guests can enjoy in the theme, and avoid those things only known to some people, such as inner ring stuff.

It would be nice to try to create an atmosphere where guests will not get bored. Cake cuts and candle services are standard as an example of directing, but there are others such as screenings of live videos, desktop fireworks, live performances of piano, Japanese mirrors opened in kimono.
Also, entertainment such as singing and dancing by guests and playing instruments is important. Let’s make a firm meeting in advance. There may be a lot of things you want to do, but if you do not get caught in the form of two people, it will be an unforgettable day for the two of you who will have an impression on the guest’s chest.