Let’s decide which gift you give to the guest.

Generally speaking, since one family is one family, choose a little higher amount. In addition, it seems that the number of cases that bosses, friends, etc. change the type of gift and amount of money is increasing. Although it is contents of the gift, it would be good to pick things that guests are happy to receive, useful things in their lives.


As a point of choosing, if you do not have the chance to buy ready-to-use dishes or the chance to buy it easily, but if you get points that are useful, take away easily and high quality etc, you will not be mistaken.

In addition, recently there are not many ways to have catalog gifts and have guests decide what they want. Pick points for choosing sweets should be the one with the longest expiration date. The amount of the gift is about 3000 yen to 5000 yen . There seems to be a lot of people who choose the amount of confectionery for around 1500 yen. Petit gift, let’s prepare small items around 500 yen.

Representative Petit gifts include baked goods such as cookies and dumplings used in the royal family. In the case of food, it would be nice to choose something that will last as much as snacks. Gifts and sweets can be a souvenir to convey the gratitude to guests who came. Let’s choose what is pleasing. It is a good practice to avoid the things you do not use and heavy things. You should choose something that is easy to carry on the way back. Since the contents and number of gifts of gifts may change depending on the area and the house, it is better to consult the parents of both families before deciding.