Coordination between bride and groom is important.
Male costumes such as tuxedo have various kinds as well. Since there are many colors and designs, let ‘s try the costumes you care about.

However, when you actually wear a tuxedo and standing beside the bride who wore a dress, you do not match the dress at all often ….

But I do not want to neglect male costumes, do you? Also, this is once in a lifetime for men. How to choose male costumes depends on body size. Let’s find costumes that are perfect for you.

Here are five representatives: tuxedo, long tuxedo, flock coat, tail coat.
Let’s see each feature.
Tuxedo is the most common form. It is common to wear a camber band or vest inside, and a bow tie is common, but you can also do things such as Thailand.

Long tuxedo
Tuxedo’s jacket is slightly longer in length. It is popular to wear without choosing your body shape.

Flock coat is a jacket with a length as long as the knees, and it has become mainstream recent. It has a presence, so it looks gorgeous. It is called a tail coat tailclothes and the hem of the jacket is long like the swallow’s tail. It makes your legs look longer, so it looks good for people who are short. The morning front features a coat cut into a mountain shape. It fits the high standard of the venue. In addition, men’s costumes change with shirt color, collar size, tie etc. Even if you do not modify it, you can change to a different style by changing shirts and so on.


If you are a Japanese you want to wear kimono once. But it is not always the case, so there are many people who do not know how to choose.

There are many choices to choose from, such as color, pattern, embroidery, but let’s choose the ones that will shine your face.

Let’s see about each kimono.
White purple, strokes to bands, and accessories and so on all in white. It is common to wear a Shinto ceremony as a high-ranking ceremony. I wear a white hat called a cotton hat until the end of the wedding ceremony in the sense that I do not show a face other than the bridegroom. The impression will change depending on the fabric and weaving. Let’s decide what suits you by wearing different fabrics and weave stuff. IrodaKake is DaKake using a color other than white.
It is okay to wear it because it is a formal clothes. Let’s choose what makes your skin and expression bright.
The impression when wearing also changes according to the size of the pattern and how to enter.

Let’s wear both for the time being when you like something with similar patterns.
Kimono sleeve <a I = 18> Because it is a kimono that dragged the hem, it is said to be “dragging”. Presence is sufficiently well-balanced. It is a long sleeve kimono sleeve. It is easy to walk because it does not trail the hem. Kimono is a difficult point to move, so it eliminates that concern. A dress like a new Japanese- style garment?