I will decide the wedding BGM. It seems easy, but this is surprisingly time consuming work.

Since the impression of the scene changes completely at how to choose BGM, let’s choose carefully while imagining.
Although I chose BGM, there are times when there is a list of BGM in the hall.

If there is a list, we will select the songs that match the scene from among them.
However, if there are songs that you absolutely want to use, do not list it, please record to the MD etc. and bring it in.

1,If there is no list, you will decide two songs for all the scenes.
Let’s find a song suitable for the scene from the rental shop and the two CDs.
It is a trick for choosing BGM
, but if you sing several songs in the same scene it is only
western music, if it is a Japanese traditional music, it will be sharp.
Also, you can summarize it with a male singer or a female singer.

2, Let’s imagine the entire banquet , choose up-tempo songs where excitement goes up, and songs that can be crying in places where you feel excited.

3, Letters to parents of speech and bride choose songs without lyrics.
With lyrics I feel distracted by the impressed greetings. If you suppress the place like that, you only list the songs that you want to use and apply it to each scene . Please note that the number of songs will also change depending on the number of participants. For example, use a candle service, but as the number of people increases, the number of tables will increase. In that case, the time becomes long and it will be missing with 1 and 2 songs. It’s a good idea to ask the person in charge at the meeting place how long it will take.