When deciding on a wedding cuisine the first thing to decide is the type of dishes.

It is popular for elderly guests to eat as well as sumptuous Japanese and Western cuisine for sashimi and steaks as well.
There are other Japanese, Western, Chinese and Kaiseki dishes.
Once the type of dish is decided, decide the number of items.
The number of dishes is also influenced by the time at which the wedding party which starts cooking begins.

If it is roughly 8 items as a guide, it will not be too much and it will be just fine.
The main dish is important in volume, but the point where taste should not be forgotten.

It seems that there are many steaks, but it would be nice to have older people cut to be able to eat.

Let’s be careful as there are people who can not eat if too much rare if it is too rare.
Also, some people have foods that can not be eaten by allergies, so it may
be nice to ask them in advance . Since there are places where you can make it using non allergic ingredients, you should try consulting.
For other things to note, even if it is western food etc., if you prepare chopsticks, you will be able to eat safely even in elderly people. Because many Japanese are not good at knives and forks. Let’s try tasting when you decide what you think is good. There are things that the actual dish will be different from the image . Tasting is quite recommended, as it is supposed that you should try baking a couple of meals, such as grilling meat and fish, or trying out a cup of cooked dishes , as many as you want the cuisine order .

Other than cooking, there are drinks and cakes to decide.

Drinks decide a welcome drink and a drink for the reception.

Welcome drink is the guest’s first drink.
It can be said that the impression is influenced by this welcome drink.

There seem to be many people who place emphasis on quality rather than quantity .

You’d better drink for drinks at the reception.
Because it can drink by guest’s taste and pace.

it is good to change the type of drink by listening to guest’s taste .

It seems that wedding cake is often subjected to guests after raw cake and cake cut .

But what kind of cake it is is troubling.

There are various cakes, such as cakes made with classic strawberry cakes and plenty of fruits,
guests decorating them, but
let’s look for the cake that is perfect for the two weddings.