To make an invitation, first decide who to call. Let’s list up who you want to call. However, the cost of wedding ceremonies will change according to the number of people, so we will decide the number of people as early as possible.

There are also capacity of the venue that you reserved, so if you want to call too many people, you may prefer to relatives.

Friends who can not call can also have them participate from the second party.
After deciding who gets the invitation letter, I contact the fixed people, listen to the address and add it to the list.

Since it is sometimes different in kanji when listening on the phone, it is good to have the postal code , address , full name sent by
e-mail just in case.

In the case of relatives, you may check with your parents.
Next, I will consider the design and sentences of the invitation card. When ordering from a trader, it will cost expenses such as address writing, so let’s not forget it.

If you make it yourself it will take time, so let’s work early.

If you unify design with profiles and table seats etc., it is good that commitment comes out.

Also, because it will be issued by the name of the parent or two people, I think which name to put out.
Basically it is <a I = 20> It seems that there are more people who give out with parent’s name . If you have decided who can give your speech or receptionist, you can enclose your request to the invitation card. Let ‘s not forget the meeting time of the day. I will send you a postage stamp, but it is better to post a stamp of goods called kotobuki stamps that are sold to post offices rather than ordinary postage stamps. When purchasing stamps, be sure to weigh the weight. Depending on the content, 90 yen stamp may be necessary in case of overweight.