Let ‘ s meet a wedding ceremony as soon as the date of the ceremony approaches .

Since it may not be decided by one time, it is good to start from about 3 weeks ago with as much time as possible.

Let’s see what we will discuss.
◆ Rehearsal for Hair Make
It will not be long before wedding time approaches, even when it comes to things that you do not like your hair style or makeup
. In order not to do so, let’s decide the hairstyle and makeup for rehearsal.

If possible take pictures of yourself and bring it to the day of the ceremony, it is good that makeup is easy to understand.
◆ Dress fittings and accessories
Some people may have time since they decided on dresses.There are not many cases such as fat, on the contrary, becoming thin.
Let ‘ s finalize the dress and check the size.

Also check the overall balance of costumes and accessories.
◆ Meeting with the moderator Let ‘ s meet the flow of the wedding
with the moderator . While watching the program, I write the names and relationships of people asking for a toast, a speech, a surprise, on paper. Let’s write it on paper if you want your profile introduction to be the moderator. Do not forget to make arrangements such as directing! ◆ Confirming the meeting with the person in charge at the venue We will decide on detailed matters such as confirming the program and directing the surprise. If you need a special machine such as karaoke in entertainment, let’s decide the presence of songs and the number of microphones. Also check that the scene and BGM match. It is at last a wedding ceremony as soon as all the meetings are over. Let’s do our best!