Waiting for the wedding day!

Let’s confirm the action on the day to make it the best day.
Because the bride takes time for beautifying herself. I will enter the venue earlier than the groom with the bride without make-up.

When you arrive, let’s greet the people of Sutattufu who will take care of you first.

The preparation is about to begin. Guests will greet each other while the bride and bride groom are preparing.

Thank to the parents who asked for reception, and guests who came from afar, give me transportation expenses.Once you are ready you will be informed about the wedding ceremony.

Depending on the venue, rehearsals may be held. Feel free to ask questions.Because it is a costume you are not usually wearing, it will be difficult to walk, but let’s practice well about walking here as well .

Also be sure to tell whether you are walking on a virgin road with your father and whether you are going to enter with two bride and groom. <A I = 18> As the wedding time approaches, the tension is getting higher but it is the sunny stage of the two people.

Let’s show off to the guests the best of two people. A wedding party will be started if you are attending from the wedding reception and those moving from the ceremony. After welcoming us with a big applause and entering the speech and toast, cooking will be carried. The groom is drunk from friends, etc, but if you get drunk at an important wedding party it is messed up.

Let’s discard casually as a bucket is generally prepared under the groom’s seat .

Many dishes will be brought, but there will be no time to eat much.
There is also a venue where cooking will be brought to another room later, so it’s good to talk.