Engagement Ring

Let’s buy an engagement ring ( engagement ring ) when marriage report to parents is over!
First of all, we must check our budget.

In the public it is said that the budget of the engagement ring is “three months’ worth of salary”, but please be relieved.
There are few people who actually give off engagement rings of “three months’ wage” so be relieved.

Wedding Ring

When you buy a wedding ring (marriage ring), you first decide how to purchase.

There are purchase methods such as full order to have two ideal wedding rings finely formed, semi order to combine stones and frames freely, ready-made to purchase has already completed rings. In the case of full orders or semi-orders, it takes more time than ready-made so you should order early the soonest possible you can. Even in the case of ready-made ones, it may take some time to engrave or resize the message so a little time is necessary in this case.
Next, I decide the material of the wedding ring, but I get lost with various materials. You may decide according to your lifestyle. Material is representative and there are platinum, gold, combination, silver etc.
It is the most popular in Japan. The feature is high durability and shines like a silver. It is also nice to match any outfit.
It fits well with the skin color of Japanese people. In the West, gold is major. Just be careful as the material is soft.

Ring that combines different materials. Platinum and gold, mat and glossy. It is recommended for those who want to insist on their personality.


The same silver color is cheaper than platinum. It is easy to oxidize so you need to be careful. Let’s be careful as it is soft as well as gold. Once the material is decided, decide the design. There are various designs from a simple slender ring, S shape and V, to wide and diamonds. It is good for each person to design suit depending on the material and shape so you should go to the shop and find the type that suits you.